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This website is dedicated to the examination of the Watchtower's 10 year membership with the United Nation's Department of Public Information (DPI). The DPI is the United Nation's publicity department. In particular, this site serves the purpose to examine the flagship rebuttal website of this WBTS/UN association, created by an individual that goes by the name "thirdwitness". To view his website CLICK HERE

From the onset, "thirdwitness" attempts to muddy the waters by using loaded language, red herrings, and calling upon emotion well before one has been given the chance to consider the evidence. On the homepage, he has already set the reader up to consider much of this issue a conspiracy theory formulated by "crackpot" individuals and "apostates". Count how many times you see such words used on his site. Perhaps these are colors to cloud the water? Regardless of one's feelings, the WBTS reminds us that "Reasonable persons agree that the only fair method (to see the truth) is to examine the evidence on both sides, both for and against a disputed theory (1973 Awake! October 22nd pg. 6). Please keep this statement in mind before you make your final decision on the truth of the matter.

As we examine the evidence, it's important to see how the WBTS views a person joining a secular organization whose objects are contrary to the Bible. Surely the UN fits into this category. Read below...

(1983 Organized To Accomplish Our Ministry pg. 151)


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Watchtower is still involved in politics...

Ok, so the Watchtower disassociated from the United Nations in 2001, so move on, this is old news. I've heard this "anthem" more than a few times from Jehovah's Witnesses. If this were to be the case, then yes, perhaps, we're just beating a dead horse here. However, there's much more yet to be revealed, concerning the Watchtower's involvement with the UN and other political bodies. Did the WBTS leave the political arena alone after 2001? No, they did not. The Govering Body now generally (not always) lists their press officers and other Bethelites as the NGO's instead of the official "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society". Some have said that this is done to make it appear as if the Governing Body, and the Society as a whole is not involved but rather a few isolated individuals, to relieve some "shock value". We can only speculate here.

In 2003, the Watchtower was found associating with another branch of the United Nations, the UNDP/IAPSO. Here's their website. It seems as if the WBTS was/is eager to buy and sell with the "beast". Below...

(page 30)

The OSCE is another political organization that brings in quite a crowd of NGO's and countries. In fact, the OSCE is an “an ad hoc organization under the United Nations Charter (Chap. VIII)” according to Wikipedia. Here's the OSCE official website. Below is a picture of a typical OSCE meeting in session.

Yes, the Watchtower has been "hobnobbing" at these political conferences as well. Once you've clicked on the links below to view the various documents, in the search bar type in "Jehovah's Witnesses", and you'll see quite a list of Bethel branches that have been going to these conferences. The screen shot below is just a sample of the Bethel branches involved.

(2006 OSCE Conference)

(2007 OSCE Conference)

(2008 OSCE Conference)

(2009 OSCE Conference)

In 2009, the Watchtower was associating with yet another branch of the United Nations, the OHCHR. Here's their website. Here's a document showing the Watchtower's involvement with this branch. I guess the beat goes on.

In reality, the WBTS is so universally involved in politics, I don't have the time, energy, or space to mention all of it. If you would like to see more of their political dealings and locations, watch this video.


  1. It's amazing how the Society endlessly references the past when it comes to the 'sins' of other religions, and when it comes to boasting about their supposed achievements in the 1914 period (which are lies, in actual fact) yet suddenly JW's claim it's "old news" and "beating a dead horse" to talk about the Society's compromises in the 90's? Hypocrisy.

    This issue is still 'live' because they have yet to tell the truth about it, they are still deceiving their members, and yes, they also appear to still are making compromises with the political systems of the 'Beast'.