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A Mere Conspiracy Theory?

This website is dedicated to the examination of the Watchtower's 10 year membership with the United Nation's Department of Public Information (DPI). The DPI is the United Nation's publicity department. In particular, this site serves the purpose to examine the flagship rebuttal website of this WBTS/UN association, created by an individual that goes by the name "thirdwitness". To view his website CLICK HERE

From the onset, "thirdwitness" attempts to muddy the waters by using loaded language, red herrings, and calling upon emotion well before one has been given the chance to consider the evidence. On the homepage, he has already set the reader up to consider much of this issue a conspiracy theory formulated by "crackpot" individuals and "apostates". Count how many times you see such words used on his site. Perhaps these are colors to cloud the water? Regardless of one's feelings, the WBTS reminds us that "Reasonable persons agree that the only fair method (to see the truth) is to examine the evidence on both sides, both for and against a disputed theory (1973 Awake! October 22nd pg. 6). Please keep this statement in mind before you make your final decision on the truth of the matter.

As we examine the evidence, it's important to see how the WBTS views a person joining a secular organization whose objects are contrary to the Bible. Surely the UN fits into this category. Read below...

(1983 Organized To Accomplish Our Ministry pg. 151)


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CHAPTER 1"Introduction: In the Beginning" 

"Know your NGOs!"

"Did we agree to praise the UN?"

CHAPTER 4 "Please Sign Nowhere"

CHAPTER 5 "The changing world of NGOs"

CHAPTER 6 "Following it to the Letter"

CHAPTER 7 "Hail to the Chief"

CHAPTER 8 "Principle Support"

"Did we hypocritically ‘ride the wild beast’?"

CHAPTER 10 "Awake to Propaganda?"

CHAPTER 11 "Self-condemnation?"

CHAPTER 12 "Consider the Source"

CHAPTER 13 "Conclusion: A Not-Guilty Verdict"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chapter 10


I must admit that at this juncture, I'm a little worn out of seeing the same rebuttal (and ignorance of facts) but in different packages. No matter how many times Rover chases his tail, guess what? He doesn't get it. I believe that "3W" doesn't want you to get it either, hence the runaround. He says As part of the alleged “secret deals” with the United Nations, the conspiracy theorists say, the Watchtower Society “agreed” to write “propaganda” for the UN. They claim a series of articles published in the Awake! during the 1990's were simply written to fulfill their NGO requirement — their “end of the bargain”. Is this a reasonable assessment of the evidence, or is it shallow circumstantial evidence for a crazy conspiracy theory? First, it's my position that this statement starts off with a red herring. I don't know of any alleged "secret deals" for the WBTS to promote the UN and it's ideals, charter, and achievements etc. This is expected of all it's associated NGO's to the DPI, as we've already seen in previous chapters. He brings up some 1990's Awake magazines that contain some dedicated time in speaking about the UN and it's activities, and in a very positive manner. To see an example of such articles CLICK HERE and HERE.

Although I can't claim that I have proof that the WBTS toned down such articles-in order to report them to the UN- but I can prove this. This was brought up to me from a JW associate of mine that has "been in" for over 30 years. When I first showed him a scan of the 1998 Awake November 22nd article, he laughed at me saying that the scans were a fraud. I asked him why he thought this and he told me because of the lack of Bible scriptures in the article. It is true that there is indeed a lack of scripture in these articles, which is an abnormality to be sure. We can only speculate why this is so. I'll let you make the judge why this is. Do you find it a coincidence that the same article in the links above, is mentioned on the UN's website? To see this, a screenshot of the UN website CLICK HERE.

"3W" goes on to say After all, the Society did say the only reason for becoming a DPI NGO was to have continued access to the DPI's vast international research materials, did they not? Well, according to the Portuguese Bethel, there was more in it for them than just research and library books. Perhaps we need to revisit Chapter 3. He asks us Do they (WBTS) promote the UN as a viable world government? Once again, this is yet another red herring. The WBTS doesn't have to promote the UN as a "viable world government" in order to promote them as they were required to under the DPI. Another sleight of hand if you ask me. It is my opinion that the WBTS was saying just enough to appease the UN's reporting requirements (positive articles that is) while at the same time maintaining their traditional stance against them.

"3W" tells us that The most reasonable deduction is that Society was making good use of the UN's extensive library facilities to write high-quality Awake! articles such as this, just as they claimed. I'm afraid I have to side with the Portuguese Bethel on this one. By being an associated member with the UN, the WBTS was privy to hearing information at the UN meetings/hearings that they wouldn't have had normally. This information would be useful to see how the Jehovah's Witnesses were being dealt with around the world by various governments. Allowing the Governing Body to adjust their preemptive strategies in order to protect their rights and freedoms, hence humanitarian aid. This is a valiant effort, really it is, but nevertheless it's not remaining politically neutral. I've talked to more than enough JW's about this subject and a decent amount bring this up to me as well, even before I tell them.

The last statement we'll address in this chapter is Should we really expect that every article about the UN should conclude with how the UN is the wild beast and will be ultimately destroyed by God’s Kingdom? That is absurd. Yet to be sure there were certainly a few articles during the decade of the 1990’s that did just that. This is a valid point and I like his reasoning, well kinda. The Watchtower has had a history of the classic "double speak" and this "double agent" stance with the UN is no different. Surely the WBTS wasn't going to submit their hateful UN articles to the DPI were they? If so, do you think they would've lasted 10 years in association with them?

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