Is "" telling the truth?

A Mere Conspiracy Theory?

This website is dedicated to the examination of the Watchtower's 10 year membership with the United Nation's Department of Public Information (DPI). The DPI is the United Nation's publicity department. In particular, this site serves the purpose to examine the flagship rebuttal website of this WBTS/UN association, created by an individual that goes by the name "thirdwitness". To view his website CLICK HERE

From the onset, "thirdwitness" attempts to muddy the waters by using loaded language, red herrings, and calling upon emotion well before one has been given the chance to consider the evidence. On the homepage, he has already set the reader up to consider much of this issue a conspiracy theory formulated by "crackpot" individuals and "apostates". Count how many times you see such words used on his site. Perhaps these are colors to cloud the water? Regardless of one's feelings, the WBTS reminds us that "Reasonable persons agree that the only fair method (to see the truth) is to examine the evidence on both sides, both for and against a disputed theory (1973 Awake! October 22nd pg. 6). Please keep this statement in mind before you make your final decision on the truth of the matter.

As we examine the evidence, it's important to see how the WBTS views a person joining a secular organization whose objects are contrary to the Bible. Surely the UN fits into this category. Read below...

(1983 Organized To Accomplish Our Ministry pg. 151)


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CHAPTER 1"Introduction: In the Beginning" 

"Know your NGOs!"

"Did we agree to praise the UN?"

CHAPTER 4 "Please Sign Nowhere"

CHAPTER 5 "The changing world of NGOs"

CHAPTER 6 "Following it to the Letter"

CHAPTER 7 "Hail to the Chief"

CHAPTER 8 "Principle Support"

"Did we hypocritically ‘ride the wild beast’?"

CHAPTER 10 "Awake to Propaganda?"

CHAPTER 11 "Self-condemnation?"

CHAPTER 12 "Consider the Source"

CHAPTER 13 "Conclusion: A Not-Guilty Verdict"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chapter 13


In the last chapter we brought up some of the propaganda techniques used by "3W" to sway his readers. In a continuation of that, we see yet another propaganda technique being used by him in this final chapter. He says We fully concur with this letter. Since there is no real proof of deceitfulness or lying on behalf of the Bethel, and the evidence supports their version of events, should we not, if we call ourselves Christians, give our brothers the benefit of the doubt and not impute or imply bad motives? If you wish to judge them in a condemnatory way that is your right, but be aware that you are insisting your brothers are lying — no matter what explanation they offer and even though, when examining the facts, it becomes clear that they are not lying after all. Emotions are a powerful thing and one of the most effective ways to sway people's opinion. In the 2000 Awake June 22nd page 6, it has this to say about using emotion as a propaganda technique:

Even though feelings might be irrelevant when it comes to factual claims or the logic of an argument, they play a crucial role in persuasion. Emotional appeals are fabricated by practiced publicists, who play on feelings as skillfully as a virtuoso plays the piano.

I have witnessed this personally, so many times-Jehovah's Witnesses being ruled by emotion and not willing to accept the fact that the WBTS willingly joined a branch of the United Nations. I have been told by more than a few Jehovah's Witnesses, comments like "I know the WBTS wouldn't do such a thing, therefore I don't need to investigate it". It's amazing to me how such an emotional reasoning would override the curiosity to see the truth-one way or the other. This is the primary reason why I decided to make this blog in the first place. I have had scores of Jehovah's Witnesses share the "Jehovah's Judgment" website with me without studying it or any other research on the subject. So, for now on when they present me with that site, I can give them mine. Let the truth about the truth be known. Thanks for reading.


  1. 3W, you need to wake up! The responsible and accountable JW's ARE INDEED lying to you and every other JW. I'm so thankful that someone took the time to disprove your web-site (item by item). So many "current" members are irate with the leaders and their abuse of power. More and more JW are leaving because of finding out the dark secrets and lies that this organation is involved with. Thank God! for the internet, as it has allowed anyone who wants to take the time to investigate and to decide for themselves who is telling the real truth. I can tell you this for a fact, JW's leaders are NOT telling it's members the real truth!

  2. The other interesting thing is why this 3W character would try and answer this question on behalf of the leaders of JW's. Can't they speak for themselves? (You see, the issue is that when the leaders are caught in a lie, they hide.)

  3. Middleman, you, like many other commentators of JW activities and beliefs really leave me baffled. If you dont like what they believe and do, then get over it. Get on with your life. If the JW want to do something then let them be, neither you nor any other individual is responsible for their salvation. You are only responsible for your own salvation, as is each and every JW responsible for their own salvation. Get a life!