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A Mere Conspiracy Theory?

This website is dedicated to the examination of the Watchtower's 10 year membership with the United Nation's Department of Public Information (DPI). The DPI is the United Nation's publicity department. In particular, this site serves the purpose to examine the flagship rebuttal website of this WBTS/UN association, created by an individual that goes by the name "thirdwitness". To view his website CLICK HERE

From the onset, "thirdwitness" attempts to muddy the waters by using loaded language, red herrings, and calling upon emotion well before one has been given the chance to consider the evidence. On the homepage, he has already set the reader up to consider much of this issue a conspiracy theory formulated by "crackpot" individuals and "apostates". Count how many times you see such words used on his site. Perhaps these are colors to cloud the water? Regardless of one's feelings, the WBTS reminds us that "Reasonable persons agree that the only fair method (to see the truth) is to examine the evidence on both sides, both for and against a disputed theory (1973 Awake! October 22nd pg. 6). Please keep this statement in mind before you make your final decision on the truth of the matter.

As we examine the evidence, it's important to see how the WBTS views a person joining a secular organization whose objects are contrary to the Bible. Surely the UN fits into this category. Read below...

(1983 Organized To Accomplish Our Ministry pg. 151)


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CHAPTER 1"Introduction: In the Beginning" 

"Know your NGOs!"

"Did we agree to praise the UN?"

CHAPTER 4 "Please Sign Nowhere"

CHAPTER 5 "The changing world of NGOs"

CHAPTER 6 "Following it to the Letter"

CHAPTER 7 "Hail to the Chief"

CHAPTER 8 "Principle Support"

"Did we hypocritically ‘ride the wild beast’?"

CHAPTER 10 "Awake to Propaganda?"

CHAPTER 11 "Self-condemnation?"

CHAPTER 12 "Consider the Source"

CHAPTER 13 "Conclusion: A Not-Guilty Verdict"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chapter 1


It's rather interesting to see that the opening sentence of the "JJ" website attempts to "lesson the blow" of the Watchtower's association with the United Nations, claiming their mere "registration". Saying that the WBTS merely registered with the UN doesn't carry the same weight as having an approved association by process of application, a process that took six months for completion. If I contacted a charity and asked to be on their register, it would have a different meaning than asking for an application to associate with them. "Thirdwitness", whom I will call "3W" for now on, has used a convenient wordplay to set up his rebuttal. "3W" explains that once the Guardian newspaper (UK) "informed" them that all associated NGO's must support the UN, the WBTS thanked The Guardian for bringing the matter to their attention, then they immediately withdrew (within two days) their membership with the UN's DPI (Department of Public Information).

Was this pure gratitude from the WBTS that the Guardian reported on the matter or an "oh s*** we've been exposed" moment? Did it really take a newspaper to explain to the WBTS that their association with the UN was an illegitimate hypocrisy? At this moment was the WBTS just now informed that associating with the UN is supporting it? Is it valid to claim that one who joins an organization is not supporting that which they have joined? Did the NGO association requirements change in 1992? If I join only a division of the mafia, can I compartmentalize my support for them?

There's much to be said about the situation, but first lets examine three articles that Guardian wrote about the WBTS/UN association (below-click on images to enlarge them). The second article is the one referenced by "3W".

1. Jehovah's Witness link to UN queried- The Guardian Monday 8 October 2001

2. 'Hypocrite' Jehovah's Witnesses abandon link with UN- The Guardian Monday October 15 2001

3. The Guardian October 18 2001

It's true that this issue has caused quite a stir among many sincere Jehovah's Witnesses, that is, once they have found out about this association. Many have left and are upset that their "Governing Body" joined a branch of the UN. Yes their GB joined, not just a few isolated JW's as some have claimed. The UN is an organization that the Society has adamantly condemned for many decades. Unfortunately, "3W" makes it hard for one discern the truth. He says that "opposers" and former JW's "have claimed that the NGO requirements never changed. This is a half-truth in reality. In all the years that I've discussed this subject with numerous people, I've never heard such a statement. What I have heard however, is that people talk about how the NGO association requirements didn't change in 1991-2 as the WBTS and "3W" claimed they have. We'll prove that in the near future.

"3W" says that Conspiracy theorists claim the Watchtower Society knew they were supporting the United Nations and kept it a “secret”. Though I wouldn't call this association an entire secret-partially because of the Guardian-but I find it odd that the WBTS hasn't mentioned any of this issue in any of its publications. On a random poll I've done with JW's, most I have interviewed have had no idea of it either. Most have refused to accept the reality of this association when brought to their attention, and only when they find out the truth, do they rationalize why it's ok. One may ask, if it's really ok anyways, then why was it such an issue to deny the fact? I believe the answer is rather obvious to some of us. On a side note, "3W" sets this up as an "us" against "them" scenario, blurring the lines of pure objective research from interested individuals.

He then goes on to say They even go so far as accusing the Watchtower Society of having deliberately distributed pro-UN propaganda in issues of the Awake! as “part of the deal” with the UN. Now would be a perfect time to explain the principle purpose of the NGO/DPI relationship. Read below...

This fact can be found on various UN letters written to concerned individuals, as well in their handbooks and on their website. Yes, the principle purpose for an NGO to associate with UN via the DPI is to distribute articles about the UN, to increase public understanding of the UN and its achievements etc. It's simple, you just don't join a publicity department (of an organization) and maintain that you're not interested in marketing or promotions. You'd have a better alibi if you went to work in the mail-room department instead.

The last statement I'd like to address in this chapter is ...we implore you to set aside all prejudice and any other emotions, to fairly and dispassionately consider the other side of the argument without any preconceived ideas, and be happy to change your views if necessary. It's interesting to me that he implores people to consider a fair investigation but yet he has not a single link to the opposition's research or websites. Sure he quotes "oppossers", but without any references, how can one get the full context of what was actually said? He asks us to lay aside emotions while at the same time employs his typical loaded hate language to tip the scales his way. "3W" demands fair research but yet nowhere do I see on his site a place for one to contact him and offer suggestions, or better yet, more documentation of what research he left out. I smell an ambush...

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  1. The interesting thing will be 'the list.' This is a list of all the publications that Watchtower Bible & Tract Society submitted to the UN DPI as required by DPI and outlined in the document "Criteria of Association". Watchtower literature is, according to Watchtower dogma, "spiritual food" delivered by "the slave" to "the chosen" at "the proper time". What articles, precisely, of this 'divine food', were written, printed, and disseminated to the faithfull as well as the general public will make an interesting read. It will also be the highlight of my up-coming Youtube video.